Lakedell School's Positive Experiences in a Challenging Year

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This school year has been like no other at Lakedell School, and by working together we are ensuring not only the safety of our students and staff, but that educational excellence continues. Staff made a commitment this year that students would positively remember this year, and one way we’ve done that is by continuing traditions that make our school special.

We amplified our theme days—most recently Green Day, Retro Day, and Pink, Red & White Day—with prize draws for participants, and—following all protocols—have restarted our always popular ice cream sales. We have recently held our annual farm safety sessions via virtual meet, and students are also viewing an online performance of Hansel & Gretel this month, courtesy of Calgary Opera. Before the weather got too warm, students also had the opportunity to utilize our ice rink during recesses and phys. ed. classes, during the evenings as on the weekends.

Our student smudging leaders start every day by offering the opportunity for a thoughtful and respectful smudge. Mr. Caron is planning on building drums with some of our older boys, ensuring distancing protocols while allowing one-on-one teaching.

In an effort to maintain a positive and close school community, teachers are finding ways to have students from different grades and classrooms collaborate. Using virtual meets, students from the higher grades have worked with younger students on various craft and learning projects, including an Easter egg hunt.

Because of generous parental, community, and corporate donations, including Breakfast Clubs of Canada, we continue to offer students breakfast, snacks, and lunch as required.

As we look forward to next school year, everyone is reminded that we are accepting registration for September Kindergarten. Please see the website for information, or call us at 780-586-2415.

The original of this idea was found on the interwebnet, but we’ve modified it for our purposes. The message remains clear: we all have our gifts and talents—let’s use them for the betterment of ourselves and others.

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