Lakedell School Welcomes HUB

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HUB is 1 of 37 Mental Health Capacity Building Projects across Alberta.

HUB focuses on strengthening the capacity in children, youth and adults to understand and promote mental health and prevent mental illness.  HUB also works to increase mental health awareness and promote ways of staying mentally healthy and resilient.  HUB provides programing that focuses on mental health through capacity building, universal programming, mentorship and collaboration.  For more information on HUB, please visit or “Like”

Teachers at Lakedell School have been extremely supportive and have opened their classrooms to HUB programming.  Mrs. Carly Ganske is the Youth Coach at Lakedell and is available Monday’s and Tuesday’s.  At this point 8 programs have been introduced and more exciting mental health based programs are still to come!

Leadership Roles - Grade 5-6 students sign up monthly to take on responsibility in a role of their choice.  One of these leadership roles is PLAY (Peer Leadership for Active Youth).   Physical activity in children can be directly linked to mental wellness.  Offering safe ways for students to learn inter-active games leads not only to healthier bodies and minds, but safer and friendly playgrounds.  PLAY Leaders volunteer their lunch time once a week to facilitate games for students in grade 1-2.   Leadership students are given guidance under the HUB Youth Coach during the activity teaching the importance of safe, active, group play, conflict management, fair play and game leading skills. 

In Health class, Grade Five and Grade Six students are learning to develop and strengthen their skills and strategies in dealing with issues they may encounter in everyday life.  The Mental Health Kit teaches students about mental wellness.  Topics covered in the kit address areas students deal with regularly such as Body Image, Healthy Communication, Hope, Humor, Peer Relationships, Physical Activity, Resiliency, Stress and more. 

Students in Grade Three and Grade Four are taking part in ZONES of Regulation; a curriculum geared toward helping students gain skills in consciously regulating their actions, which in turn leads to increase control and problem solving abilities.  Students recognize when they are in 4 different colored “zones” and will learn how to use tools to enter or remain in their desired zone.  Students learn how to self-regulate, understand emotions and perspective of others and themselves.

Mrs. Ganske has had the opportunity to join with the Lakedell Family School Liaison, Mrs. Dewald.  Together they have created two Girls Groups; where once a week they talk and address everyday life pressures girls may encounter.  Topics such as body image, friendships, communication, boundaries, feelings, and respecting self are explored together during meetings.

Lakedell staff began a Super Successful Star initiative to introduce students each month to a theme related to learning and health.  This has been a wonderful opportunity for Mrs. Ganske to support the school with a mental health message.  Newsletters have been sent home to parents with tips or suggestions on sleep, organizing and attendance.  Students have participated in surveys at recess to ask other students what are healthy habits such as how many hours of sleep children need in a night, etc.  Students have enjoyed both answering questions and conducting the survey themselves.  Groups of students also prepare and perform a skit during school assemblies to teach skills on paying attention in school with a mental health focus.

Lakedell students participated in Bullying and Pink Shirt Day Poster Contest using their creativity to share their message about bullying.  Congratulations to all students on the wonderful creative ideas you showed in your posters!

Starting in January, we will begin a Universal Program called “Move to the Bell”.  Teachers will have weekly activities, where they choose two bells throughout the day to get the class moving.  The ‘moving to the bell’ can be heart pumping, balance, breathing, focus, relaxation and more.  Physical activity in the day is necessary to re-energize students and helps them focus on work.  Mrs. Ganske helps by providing students and teachers with ideas and strategies in ways to benefit our mental health and wellness.  To go along with Physical Activity; “Yo-Move” (yoga/movement/imagination) will be implemented into gym class where it will help improve mood, reduce anxiety, imagination, improve breathing and literacy is incorporated into sessions.

Mrs. Ganske is so excited to be a part of the Lakedell School team and would like to thank everyone for welcoming her and HUB to the school.  New ideas are constantly being shared, and students are building skills and understanding of mental health and wellness!

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