Katimavik Comes to WRPS

Parkdale School is thrilled to welcome two Katimavik volunteers.

Katimavik is a national volunteer program for young adults that “provides opportunities to gain life skills and work experience while contributing to community development through volunteerism and employment.  The word ‘Katimavik’ originates from the Inuktitut language meaning ‘meeting place’.  Since 1977, Katimavik has brought young Canadians together to learn, to exchange culture and language, and to help build stronger communities across Canada.  Katimavik aims to help youth become engaged, caring citizens and capable contributors and leaders for a better Canada.  We do this through the development of 21st century skills, experiential learning, employment and civic engagement.”  (from katimavik.org)

Parkdale School is joined by Joiee Guimond and Max Goldsmith.  These two volunteers have been building relationships and helping students in grades 4 and 5.  They will be able to work in all the classes and grades and Parkdale School and will be provided the opportunity to participate in all of the clubs and activities available.  

There are also Katimavik volunteers at Queen Elizabeth School and Centennial School.

WRPS greatly appreciates the time, effort and dedication of our Katimavik volunteers!

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