Hutterite and Japanese Cultures Unite  

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On September 23, 2016 the students of Silver Creek Colony School welcomed students from the Japanese Ashoro Delegation into their newly built school. During this visit, the Japanese students taught the colony students the art of Origami paper folding. It was fun for each group, as the students worked through the language barrier. Then the Japanese students were engaged in an English sentence building activity where they learned some basic English from the Hutterite students followed by more information about the Hutterite culture through their interpreter.

This exchange of cultures was led by teacher, Shannon Atchison. Mrs. Atchison has been involved in the Ashoro Friendship Society for the previous three years by opening her home for the Japanese homestays and also having two of her own children participate in the Ashoro Study Tour by travelling to Japan.

This enriching opportunity will hold lifelong memories for all involved.


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