'Have a Heart' Day at Centennial School

As part of Reconciliation, Centennial School celebrated 'Have a Heart' Day. This is a continuation of awareness from Orange Shirt Day in the fall.

These last few weeks, students at Centennial School were involved in learning how Valentine’s Day can be a special time to remember that all children in all schools need to have access to a good education. We will revisit reflections on the Reconciliation journey in May with Heart Garden activities that remind us of the children lost in residential schools and a Teddy Bear Picnic that celebrates Jordan Rivers Anderson’s birthday, who is the Spirit Bear and person the Jordan’s Principle is named after.  

As part of 'Have a Heart' Day surrounding Valentine's week, students at Centennial watched videos from Jordan’s Principle website, listened to stories, and colored pictures of Spirit Bear.

We love our staff at Centennial School!  They make us feel special!

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