Gwynne Students Making a Difference

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The grade 8/9 class at Gwynne School is working on a Social Conscience Project that challenges students to positively affect the world we live in. Students were challenged to identify, research and present various global and local issues to each other.

The second step in this exploration was to choose an issue they felt they could make a personal, positive difference to. The task was to research and present multiple perspectives and gain knowledge from experts. The issues students chose to address were local hunger, child labour , poaching , homelessness, plastic in the oceans, reducing our ecological footprint, GMO foods and violence against children.

Students created and followed through with action plans. These action plans included education of fellow students of various ages, collection of food, fundraising and volunteering time.  Hope Mission’s Christmas Dinner, the Be Brave Ranch, the Wetaskiwin Food Bank and the Sea Turtle Foundation will all benefit from the students hard work.

The most important outcome of this project  is the students feel empowered that individuals  can make a difference.

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