Gwynne School to Build Sensory Room

The opportunity to apply for a grant through the Children’s Ability Fund became available earlier this year. Gwynne School jumped on the chance to apply for the grant which included the “Sensory Magic Starter Kit System”. This system includes a vast variety of materials which will be used to create the sensory room for all students. Students can access this room to help them become regulated which will provided them with a readiness to learn. Sensory rooms are great to support students on the autism spectrum, have FASD or any who require a space to clear the mind.

With the decommission of computer labs Gwynne School is eager to transform that space into a sensory room to support all our students in regulation. The project will commence once they receive the material near the end of April and will continue to be worked on throughout the Spring and Summer so it is ready for all students September 2019.

Thank you the the Children’s Ability Fund for selecting Gwynne School to receive this extremely generous grant!

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