Gwynne School Temporary Relocation

The Board of Trustees held a Special Meeting on October 1, 2021 to consider a recent scoping evaluation on Gwynne School. The Board passed the following resolution at that meeting:

THAT WRPS communicate to the Gwynne school community (students, staff, parents, and stakeholders) that, as a precautionary measure, the students and staff of Gwynne School will be immediately relocated to Clear Vista School on a temporary basis until further investigations and consultations can be completed to determine next steps.

This decision comes as a result of findings indicating several areas of significant concern that pose a potential hazard to the health and welfare of students and staff. Students and staff will be temporarily relocated to Clear Vista School. This temporary relocation enables students and staff to continue their education while contractors further investigate the areas of concern.  

The last day of classes for students at Gwynne School is Monday, October 4, 2021. From October 5 to 7, Gwynne School staff will pack their current classrooms and prepare their new classrooms at Clear Vista School. The first day for Gwynne students at Clear Vista School is on Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

The following documents were reviewed by the Board at the Special Business Meeting on October 1, 2021: Gwynne School Final Scoping report, the draft report, the fire inspection report, and a photo showing the cracks in the concrete. Note the wall depicted in the photo is a concrete support wall holding up the floor under the gymnasium.  The vertical crack extends from the floor downward. Please also find the 2010 Gwynne Facility Evaluation report and the Mould Assessment report.

Updates will be provided as they become available.

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