Gwynne’s Grade 6/7 Class Honored By Visits

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On March 17th Gwynne’s Grade 6/7 class had the honour of having MLA, Mr. Bruce Hinkley speak with them about Democracy. Mr. Hinkley spoke about his role as an MLA and explained some of the Bills and Acts the government has been working on. Students were highly engaged and asked a variety of well thought out questions.

On April 3rd students were honoured again by having Mr. Bill Elliot, Mayor of Wetaskiwin to speak about local government and democracy. Mr. Elliot spoke of his role as Mayor, the electoral process and democracy at a local level. Students were once again excited and had a variety of interesting questions.

Gwynne students are privileged to have representatives from both local and provincial governments. Students learned about the role and powers of local government and the structure and functions of Alberta’s provincial government.  

This opportunity provided a personal feel and a real experience for our students regarding the outcomes that they have been learning. Students were able to gain a better understanding of how individuals and governments interact to bring about change within their local and provincial communities.

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