GSMS is Proud to be a UNESCO School

When you drive past Griffiths-Scott Middle School you will notice an extra flag at our flag pole.  That is our UNESCO flag that we fly proudly!  This year we have a number of UNESCO projects underway.

Our focus for the year is “Learning To Live Together” which is one of the four pillars of learning for UNESCO. All students and staff members belong to a UNESCO group which consists of students in grades 5 - 9.  These groups meet twice a month and are now working on presentations for a January assembly.  Each group has chosen a country to represent and learn more about for this year.  The goal is for students to learn about their country’s culture, government, language, traditions, and global involvement. We will introduce our countries in January and complete our year of study with a mini-UNESCO folk fest where we will be able to “visit” each country’s display of their learning.

Our UNESCO countries participated in a fun Atomic Volleyball Tournament in November. Our gym was filled with Griffin Pride as the students played on their country’s teams, cheered each other on, helped out with coaching, reffing and scorekeeping! It was an opportunity to build school spirit and have a lot of fun!

GSMS staff is involved in some in-depth learning as our PD focus for the year is ”How can being a UNESCO school contribute to staff and student (academic, emotional, social and behavioural) growth at GSMS?” Our learning activities include a book study of “The Reason You Walk” by Wab Kinew.

We also have a very active UNESCO club that meets on Tuesdays after school.  It is a dedicated group of grade 5 and 6 students with some grade 7 helpers and led by Mrs. Killen and Mrs. Schmidt. They are involved in a variety of activities including a very moving dramatic presentation at our Remembrance Day assembly.  When one student was asked what the UNESCO club was about, he thought for a while and then replied, “It teaches us to be a better person.”

That’s why we fly the UNESCO flag with pride! We want to help each of our students become a better person in their school, their community and globally as we all learn to live together!

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