Griffiths Scott School - Learning to Live Together

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There are four Pillars of Education - Learning To Know - Learning to Do - Learning to Be and Learning to Live Together under the designation of being a UNESCO school.  Each year Griffiths Scott School chooses one pillar to focus on.

This year’s focus is Learning To Live Together and staff are very proud of the students from the Griffiths Scott School Leadership Option (and their teacher, Charlene Saunders) who have done a fantastic job organizing activities for everyone in K - 8.

The UNESCO Club has also been busy this fall and have organized some great school wide events!

Some of the highlights for Griffiths-Scott Leadership group include:

- Terry Fox Run,
- Fun noon hour of Fall Frenzy activities outside
- Halloween assembly
- Board games in the library,
- Active living in the gym over the noon hour 
- Looking after the milk program at noon.

School wide Griffin Pride was demonstrated at the staff versus the Girls’ volleyball game and at a Surprise Send Off for the girls’ team as they left for playoffs!

The UNESCO group worked with the Millet Legion on the "No Stone Left Alone" project in Millet.

The Leadership option consists of students in grades 7 and 8 who have undertaken
these activities with enthusiasm, a sense of fun and a willingness to learn. Their thoughtfulness of others creates an atmosphere of respect among students in all grade levels and provides a sense of Griffin Pride for staff and students as we focus on Learning To Live Together with kindness, compassion, and fun!

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