Griffiths-Scott Middle School: Ready, Set, Goat!

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On November third 18 Griffiths-Scott students attended We Day in Calgary along with many other WRPS students. We Day is an opportunity for students to learn about the world and learn how they can have positive impact on other people a world away. The the following story was written by four students and tells how they translated their experience into action in just one short week.

Ready, Set, Goat! 

Going to We Day opened our eyes to the hardship people face every day in developing countries, and the staff showed us how easy it is to make a change.  That day we learned about the fundraiser called “We Bake for Change” and it instantly stuck. We also learned about the Goat initiative, where each 50 dollars raised is enough to buy a goat for a family in need in a developing country.  For a family in a developing community, one goat opens up a world of possibilities. A dairy goat means daily nutrition and income from milk, giving a family the chance to send their children to school. Through Free the Children’s sustainable income initiatives 30,000 women have become self-sufficient and help provide for their families!

All we had to do was bake the cupcakes, make the icing and sell them. Baking that many cupcakes was harder than we first thought, but we knew it would be completely worth it in the end. We had a goal in mind to buy five goats, which is $250.  We passed our goat goal and raised $274.81. Thanks to the students of Griffiths-Scott, and their ability to eat so many cupcakes.  We raised enough money to be able to help five families. Now they have an alternative source of income. A big thank you to everyone who bought cupcakes!

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