Griffith-Scott School Hosts Artist in Residence Program April 4-12

For the next two weeks the students and staff at Griffiths-Scott School will be involved in an Artist In Residence program.  This year our project will be printmaking as we work with an artist from Imagination Academy in Edmonton.  

The program will begin with a study of different lines, patterns and textures that students will incorporate into their own prints. They will also experience the different materials and process required to complete a lino-cut print.  All students will create their own individual and unique piece of art.

As well, our UNESCO Club and UNESCO Option students will be working with the artist to create a small Tipi that will remain at the school.  All of the projects will be on display at our Fine Arts Evening on Wednesday, May 2, 2018.

The Artist in Residence program is sponsored by the Parent Advisory Committee and a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.  We’d like to thank both groups for giving our students the opportunity to experience this exploration and creation of Art at Griffiths Scott School.

Please stop by the school on April 4 - 12 if you’d like to see our Art in progress or join us on the evening of May 2nd, 2018.

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