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The Institute of Child Psychology and Family Counselling Centres offers a course and learning on helping Children with Grief & Loss. Blackgold School Division set up a coupon for a 100% discount on the Helping Children with Grief & Loss pre-recorded course that WRPS families can also use. Product link:

COUPON CODE: LeducStrong2021 Note: It has an expiry date of June 1, 2021; only valid for 1-time use per user account.


Grief is a normal and natural reaction to a loss in an individual’s life;  however, even though we all experience it, we are often left struggling or feeling isolated and confused when we grieve. These feelings include unconventional losses related to unique situations like COVID-19. Adults and children alike will be told to “wait for time to heal” or “move on” and “be strong”. While usually well-meaning, these responses do not recognize the pain we actually carry after a loss. Fortunately, there are steps that caregivers can take to recognize the emotional incompleteness that a child carries and to help them heal their hearts. This workshop will provide you with a set of skills and a new sense of empowerment that will allow you to better recognize grief within your child and help them move towards recovery after a loss.


  • Define grief and recognize the 40+ different types of losses that could contribute to it
  • Recognize the myths pertaining to grief and why they are not helpful in our long-term recovery
  • Recognize the signs of grieving in children
  • Identify the losses in your child’s life that are emotionally incomplete
  • Learn the actions that can be taken to help a child recover from grief
  • Special section on COVID, grief, and helping your child
  • Identify the importance of caregiver’s grieving patterns and how it influences children


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