Grade 5 Clear Vista Students Baking Business Project

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How is math used in a real life situation? This is exactly what grade 5 students are learning in their math class. 

To experience this, they were given a challenge to come up with a baking business.  Each group had to come up with a business plan, which involved the following:  what they were to make, how much of each ingredient was needed and how to divide the ingredients amongst the group, advertising techniques, what to price their items at, and how much float would be needed to start selling their items.

After students baked their goods, they set up a bake sale during lunch time over a span of 3 days – open to the entire school.  At the end of each sale, students counted their money and recorded it.  When the 3 day sale was over, the groups calculated the cost of ingredients used and their net profit.

For this project, the students used their math skills of adding, subtracting, multiplication, measurement, fractions, counting of money, making change, marketing skills, baking skills, cooperation and helping our community.

After completing the project, grade 5 students were given reflective questions; What would they have changed to make their business more profitable? and What did they learn about setting up a business?

The students were very successful and raised $975.00.  They decided to donate the entire amount to the Clear Vista School breakfast and lunch program.

The students had a lot of fun and did an amazing job!

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