Go Girl - Self Empowerment Event

The Go Girl Self Empowerment event was held on November 14 at the Wetaskiwin Drill Hall, with over 60 female students from grade 5 to 10 attending.

The Mental Health Capacity Building Program received funding for the Go Girl event from In Motion, promoting Physical Activities for Girls and Women, whose funding goal is to empower females through physical activity.  Additional support came from FCSS Millet, FCSS County Of Wetaskiwin, and Manluk Center.  

The focus of the Go Girl event was to empower the girls across the County of Wetaskiwin. This event reached 15 educational locations, including outreach and home school programs, as well as schools as far west as Alder Flats.

The program encouraged physical activity and establishment of personal strengths within female participants. Girls who participated had the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of fun events; including kickboxing, dance, tae kwan do, yoga, and gymnastics.

Events throughout the day also taught about self-care of the mind, body, and spirit, as well as identifying personal strengths that are needed for girls in different situations.  

The girls were also provided Lunch and snacks through the day and wrapped up the day with a special art project putting together a personal strength bracelet.

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