Giving Thanks

We often hear that it is better to give than to receive. This is especially true during the holiday season when thoughtfulness and gift giving become visible. One organization that embodies this principle year round is our local Hope Mission. Centennial school is very thankful and appreciative of Hope Mission's generosity. Under the leadership of Justin Jorstad, Hope Mission provides invaluable support to the students of Centennial school throughout the school year. Hope Mission delivers thousands of nutritious breakfast and lunches for our students. In addition, this organization works with selected students in the Horses for Hope program, where students are given the opportunity to develop their skills of care and empathy while developing basic horsemanship skills and  knowledge. As they work with the horses they learn that they can face and overcome new challenges while building confidence and flexible thinking. Other students benefit from Hope Missions’ “Kids in Action” program running every Tuesday evening at Centennial. Kids in action provides students with an opportunity to develop  leadership skills in an activity based fun environment. The students and staff at Centennial School would like to give thanks to Hope Mission for being an important and valued part of our school and community. We are truly grateful for all you do! 

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