For the Love of Reading - at Buck Mountain Central School

A love of reading and a culture of literacy is a core principle of Buck Mountain Central School. So much so that we recently took students on a field trip to Edmonton’s Wee Book Inn. As part of the Reading 15 class (a locally developed course), students were treated to this unusual excursion, all in an effort to explore reading for fun. While there, students were free to wander and see all the choices available. As an added treat, Mr. Wolney ensured that all students were able to take home two books of their choice on him. 

For our junior high students, we also offer Literacy Class, where they focus on reading for enjoyment, and skill building. Students often participate in book clubs where they choose a book to read and discuss it with other students who have chosen the same one. Recently, we’ve also begun teaming up our grade 10 students with their grade 7 peers for some paired reading.

We worked hard to diversify our library this year too. Staff have access to a shared Google Doc to recommend books students may enjoy, and we’ve added over 50 new books based on these recommendations. Every month, our new Genre Showcase Corner highlights three book categories. Books are handpicked by staff to show students excellent reads they might be interested in, and are switched for new ones the following month. As well, all staff have signs posted in their classrooms and work spaces that highlight what they are currently reading, and encourage students to strike up a conversation about it. 

We opened the library doors up during lunch hour since there are a handful of students who are now choosing to read during their downtime. With staff committing to these school wide beliefs, and students buying in, our admin assistants can barely keep up with all of the books being signed in and out. 

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