EEFWC Celebrates Community Helpers

When Sheriff Darren arrived in a police cruiser with lights flashing and parked it at the Early Education & Family Wellness Center playground, the children could hardly believe it. 

The children were able to sit in the car, push the siren buttons, use the loud speaker, sit in the back, and pretended to drive.  
They had lots of questions for Sheriff Darren who answered in such a way that it encouraged the children to think about police officer duties, and ask even more questions.  Even the non-verbal children were engaged with smiles, gestures and lots of button pushing!

This activity fit well with the Wetaskiwin Early Education & Family Wellness Center's May theme which was: Community Helpers. 

Students have gone on walks around the community, even meeting up with the mail carrier who also engaged with the children.   A garbage truck was seen in action on one of the walks which, also sparked a lot of conversation..  

The Community Helpers theme has enhanced the children’s’ play.  They are more observant of what‘s going on around their school and are role playing community helpers in the classroom and on the playground.

We are inspiring education!

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