Education Week at Norwood School

This week April 30-May 4 is Education Week and Norwood students and staff are celebrating the week with a number of fun and meaningful events.

On Monday Norwood School kicked off the week with a fun assembly highlighting the importance of education and celebrated our new Mascot’s graduation from the venerable School of Mascot mastering.  

On Tuesday we welcomed  important members of our community, including our Mayor, to visit our K-3 classrooms and be guest readers for the morning. On Tuesday evening we hosted a Positive Mental Health and Anxiety session for our parents.

On Wednesday Students were able to wear their favorite hats all day Wednesday for” Hats On For Mental Health Day”.

On Thursday, students and staff will show off their many talents in the annual “Norwood School Talent Show”.  

The week will end with a Grade 7/8 Spring Fling Dance involving not only our Junior High students but those from Parkdale, Centennial and Queen Elizabeth.

What a great week highlighting the importance of education and being part of a positive and supportive school community.

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