Ecole Queen Elizabeth School - Spring Festival of Music

On Thursday, June 2, 2016 Ecole Queen Elizabeth band students came together to showcase their musical abilities which have grown over the past year.

The grade 9 band class presented a musical piece “Highlights from the Star Wars Saga” along with the percussion students dressing up with their Star Wars helmets.

 The band includes the grade 7 students, a combined 8/9 band, Jazz Band, Grade 9 and Melanie and the Boys (Mr. Tindall & Mr. Rusinak as the boys).  Musical selections included the “Colonel Bogey March”,”Norwegian Wood “, The Broken Marionette” and “Clocks”.  Mr. Tindall and Mr. Rusinak put together a slide presentation showcasing the QE staff which was done to the song “Smile” and sung by Brooklyn Elgert.

A raffle draw was held with audience members receiving gift bags filled with goodies from Nutter’s, a flower arrangement from Town Florist and flower baskets from Canadian Tire.

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