Ecole Parkdale School - Traditional Pow Wow Project

During the Months of April and May, Grade 4 students at Ecole Parkdale School have been constructing their own Traditional Pow Wow through Project Based Learning. Students were presented with the directions to make a ‘theoretical’ Traditional Pow Wow based on a specific number of participants and what they would need in order to conduct this cultural event. The purpose of this project is for students to become more familiar with certain aspects of the First Nation’s Culture and to plan and manage information independently. Each student completes their own research portfolio and a hands on component for each. The sections are: Dance Regalia, Music, Protocol, Beading, and Food. They have made Traditional Dance Regalia models for both men and women, completed traditional beading crafts, and experienced the process and materials used when conducting Protocol. The students have yet to complete their food component of this project as they will be making stew and bannock.

Technology is used widely throughout this project as well as instruction from our Maskwacis Wahkotowin Worker, Ms. Brandie Schnettler.

Ms. Schnettler has taught the students about the different styles of pow wow dance and has helped them to understand each piece of material on the Men's and Women’s Traditional Regalia. We have also talked about the Grand Entry and some of the proper etiquette that we follow when attending a powwow.

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