Earth Day at Millet School

On Friday, April 22nd, Millet School acted environmentally to make our world a better place.

All students and staff were part of the community Pitch-in – taking a stroll in the community to clean up trash.  As well, we had an excellent assembly that featured songs, poems and role-playing to emphasize the message of acting responsibly for our environment.

Later in the day, the school turned off as many lights as possible and balanced safety, comfort and  reduced power consumption. 

Students and staff got involved in reducing by taking on the “waste-free” lunch challenge. It was clear that there was less garbage to throw out from our lunches than on most school days.

Finally, the students and staff enjoyed The Lorax, the wonderful Dr. Seuss story of how important it is that we take care of our planet.

Part of the school community clean-up campaign included a team of Millet School community volunteers cleaning up the flower beds, trees and shrubs around our school.  The areas always look great but now they are ready for a wonderful spring and summer of green growth. wasn’t just Earth Day.  It was also a great celebration of Volunteer Recognition for the thousands of hours of volunteer help that the students and staff receive from the Millet School community.

It was a great day for learning together at Millet school!

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