Drumming at Lakedell School

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The boys' drumming groups have again started at Lakedell School. Indigenous Support Worker Wayne Caron meets with two groups of boys weekly, sharing teachings with the students so that they can better understand the importance of drumming in contemporary Cree culture.

Mr. Caron shares, "Drumming provides balance within the boys' lives. They are learning how to work together and promoting harmony. They are learning about mutual respect, which is so important."

Mr. Caron feels that the teachings that the boys are learning, where the drum is a living and breathing component within the boys lives, are important mental health components.

Student Bently Bull feels that drumming with Mr. Caron is important. "Drumming makes me feel calm and not frustrated. I feel very proud that I am drumming." Bently also understands the cultural importance of drumming as it helps him learn more about his Cree culture. "I've made bannock with my kokum, but this is the first time I've been able to drum. By drumming, I am learning more about my culture."

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