Dog Sledding Adventures at Lakedell

The Grade 4/5 class at Lakedell School had the opportunity of a lifetime! They were able to experience dog sledding first hand. The students are currently studying the six regions of Canada in Social Studies. What better way for the students to learn some of the early modes of transportation then by fully embracing it and trying it first-hand?

Nathalie Appleman, a student teacher from Burman University, has been working alongside Ms. Cathy Wyley in her Grade 4/5 class at Lakedell since October. From an early age Nathalie has been involved in her family’s love of huskies and dog sledding.

Nathalie, along with her parents, Hans and Jolanda, and Femke Groot, a family friend from Holland, brought their 12 dogs and 2 racing sleds for the students to experience. One by one the students took turns loading the sleds and were pulled around Lakedell’s school grounds by six eager huskies. The students were grinning ear to ear with the wind and the rush of the snow in their faces! The students listened closely as Hans described how he made the sleds with his own two hands and how the parts of the sled work. To continue their learning, the students are creating dog sledding adventure stories in Language Arts on the Chrome books.

Thank you to Nathalie and her family for giving the students this amazing opportunity. It is something they will never forget!

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