Congratulations to Bailey Harden, Edwin Parr Award Nominee

Bailey Harden has been working at Buck Mountain Central School this school year, in a role as a supply teacher and recently as a lead teacher in the classroom. In this time Bailey has shown genuine care and compassion for all students and staff with whom she works. She demonstrates that she values the connections she makes with students through learning and serves as a role model for all educators with her patience, kindness, and awareness of curriculum. One of Bailey’s greatest strengths is that she sets high expectations, both behaviourally and academically, for all members of the classroom. 

Bailey is dedicated to the work that she does in the classroom and in the school as a whole. She consistently seeks ways to make positive contributions to school culture and learning environments.  Bailey understands that a relationship is a prerequisite to learning and devotes time to ensure that students are ready and available for learning in the classroom. At the school level, Bailey has devoted time to our Sense of Belonging collaborative learning team at the school, and is a leader in our daily smudging with students. In the classroom, Bailey shows this through a talent for differentiating learning activities that are relevant and engaging. She strives to always meet students where they are at and attend to their baseline needs.

As a first year teacher, Bailey has made lasting and meaningful contributions to Buck Mountain Central School; her influence and impact will be felt by students and staff within our walls for many years to come.

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