Clear Vista Forensic Class - Solve Homicide

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During an RTI Extension class, a group of Grade 9 students at Clear Vista have been investigating a ‘murder’ that occurred on February 12, 2016. 

They, in complete crime scene gear (so not to disturb the scene), gathered evidence that included fingerprints, blood, hair, footprints and body temperature.  Over the past few weeks, this evidence has been analyzed.  Student investigators used Newton’s Law of Cooling to determine the approximate time of death. 

Students then began interviewing suspects that were in the building at the time of the crime.  Constable Porterfield showed the students how to take elimination fingerprints .  Once warrants were produced, suspects provided hair and blood samples.  These will be compared to the crime scene evidence to determine the perpetrator. 

Students will finish the project by typing up their police reports and presenting their cases to a Criminal Prosecutor.

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