Centennial School Peacemakers

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Centennial School has a wonderful new leadership opportunity for students in Grades 4-6. Thirty-three students have committed to be a part of the bigger picture; to be the change they want to see in the world!  The program is called Peacemakers and the students are PEACEMAKERS.

The PEACEMAKERS are true leaders, assisting Centennial students to solve problems before they escalate. They communicate to be understood in a respectful manner. They work as a team out on the playground supporting the student body by helping to create a safe and caring environment.

The Peacemaker program is facilitated by Latisha Dingman and Eva Rasmussen who provide daily mentorship and meet with the group monthly.  The students are trained in conflict resolution skills consisting of decision making, role playing and learning new conflict resolution lingo.

Every month at school assemblies, two PEACEMAKERS are recognized for their leadership and strengths.  As one teacher stated, “It is wonderful to see the older students teaching the younger ones good role modelling.”

The most wonderful aspect of the Peacemaker program at Centennial is that it is becoming contagious.  Every couple of weeks, we have more students who want to become PEACEMAKERS, and we are excited that our group of leaders is growing.  It is always fantastic to see students take on challenges and to pull together as a team.

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