Centennial’s Grade 6 Leadership Group Partners with WDACS

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Centennial’s Grade 6 leadership group, organized by Mrs. Dingman, partnered with Donna Kaiser at the Wetaskiwin and District Association for Community Service (WDACS).  This program is an extension of the Peacemaker program for the grade 4 and 5s.  

Their motto is “Be the Change You Want to See in the World”.  Throughout the year, all students and the individual’s that utilize WDACS, joined together sharing unique talents, cultures and doing what friends do: hang out.  The students taught their new friends how to make dream catchers and in return, our students learned some sign language so they could communicate better.  

The leadership group was able to experience a variety of career options in this field. As a final gathering, our girls shared some of their dancing and invited their friends to join.  This was a very exciting and humbling experience to partake in.

Both Centennial School and WDACS are eager to continue on with their partnership next school year and will recommence to engage our community in acceptance for everyone everyday.

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