Celebrating WRPS Staff with Treats!

MHCB's Wellness Team with their Pizza Lunch!

Recently, the WRPS Board of Trustees launched a site/staff contest where staff were asked to share the memorable and positive moments of the school year through an electronic submission in the way of a poster, poem, video, or any other electronic format.

The top three submissions received a pizza lunch for their staff and other submissions received their choice of doughnuts or ice cream for all staff.

After reviewing the submissions, Griffiths-Scott School, Mental Health Capacity Building, and Pigeon Lake Regional School staff each won the pizza lunches for their staff. Norwood School, Parkdale School, and Pipestone School each won their choice of ice cream or doughnuts for their staff.

Following is the poem that Norwood School's Ms. Joan Fitzner wrote, that acurately sums up this school year:

It's been a long year of Sorrows and Joys,
but with all those Masks on,
maybe a little less noise!

With coughing and sneezing,
and sometimes some wheezing,
We kept showing up...until we could Not!

The weeks of long lists of those who were Absent,
And those filling in, just seemed to keep growing!

But somehow we All kept filling the gaps...
And kids seemed to learn in spite of long Naps,
And arguments coming one after another,
Made us feel like their Mother!

And just when we thought, we Couldn't Take Any More,
A kid would come walking right through that door,
Walk up with a hug and a scribbly card, 
Saying, Thanks for making My Year not so Hard!

And suddenly Energy surged through our veins,
Remembering why we accepted these Pains,
And we smiled and we pondered,
As we wiped a small tear! 

It's what keeps us returning
Year after Year!
~ J.C. Fitzner, Educational Assistant

We are also able to share MHCB's Wellness Team's Video Submission

Thank you to all of our staff who participated in this year's staff contest! Trustees enjoyed reviewing the submissions and seeing evidence of the excellence in learning at our schools!

Watch for a repeat of this contest next spring!

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