Celebrating our Volunteers

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National Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 18-24, 2021. Although current restrictions prevent us from celebrating our volunteers in person, we still acknowledge the role they play in our schools. Parents and community organizations who volunteer their time for our students make lasting impacts on their lives.

This year's theme "The Value of One, the Power of Many" reflects on the many acts of kindness in today's challenging circumstances. In our division, parents and community organizations continue to make an impact in our schools despite not being able to be present in person. The 'behind the scenes' efforts may seem to go unnoticed, but they are difference-making for our staff and students.

If you know a volunteer, find a creative way to recognize them this year. A simple email, card, or phone call to say thank you will go a long way!

#VolunteersBringChange in many ways! What does the "The Value of One, The Power of Many" mean to you?”

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