CB McMurdo School - Plank Challenge


Students and staff members in CB McMurdo School are “gettin’ down” with the plank. Once daily, at a randomly selected time, students, staff, and even visitors, should they choose to participate, are challenged to hold a plank. Initially, plank-holds will begin at 30-seconds, and can work their way up all the way to 3 minutes, over time. The plank can be in high or low position, or modified by planking through the knees. School community members are able to substitute the plank with other on-the-spot exercises, such as sit-ups, jumping jacks, or push-ups, if the plank is not available to them. If participants are unable to hold the plank for the specified time, they are able to sit quietly or move onto an alternate exercise until the time is up. Should anyone be able to hold the exercise for a longer period of time, they are welcome to until their teacher asks them to move on. It is really fascinating to see the entire school pause, become active, and then move on with the excitement of the day as a whole.

Directly after the year-round break from February 18th-26th, CB McMurdo students and staff are eagerly anticipating the start of another healthy initiative. “Don’t Walk in the Hallways” is a resource from EverActive Schools that empowers students to become active in a safe and structured manner while moving through school hallways. The resource uses a variety of shapes (squares, triangles, circles) and colours (red, green, blue) to represent different movements students are to make, when walking in the hallways. The CB Junior High Leadership Group will create the design and layout of the pathway of shapes and colours, and which movements that will accompany each: skipping, hopping, and leaping, to name a few. “Don’t Walk in the Hallways” will be another healthy and fun movement break for CB students to have throughout their school day.

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