Buck Mountain Central School Taking Cultural Learning to New Level

A grade nine student at Buck Mountain Central School has taken cultural learning to a new level.  Buck Mountain Central School student Shannaya Mackinaw has been working on an independent study by preparing informational PowerPoint presentations on cultural teachings. 

Shannaya prepared presentations on Cree cultural ceremonies, dances and medicines.  As well she has prepared an additional presentation on tee-pees, their meaning and how to construct one. 

In consultation with her Moosum and Kokum she was able to share her information with the Family School Liaison Worker and the administration team at Buck Mountain Central School. 

This school year Shannaya will present this cultural knowledge at the Alder Flats Elementary School where she will do a guided book study with a small group of FNMI students. 

The focus on cultural teaching is a path to greater understanding and academic excellence. 


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