Buck Mountain Central School Annual Ski & Snowboard Trip

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On January 30th, over 90 Buck Mountain Central School students and staff travelled to Rabbit Hill Snow Resort for our annual, school-wide ski and snowboard trip. This trip is a celebration for completing the first semester and is an event that many students look forward to year after year.

This allows students to spend the day outdoors while being active but also gives students the opportunity to try skiing or snowboarding for the first time by taking a provided lesson.

Teacher, Mrs. Morgan Spruyt says, “The ski trip is a great opportunity for students. They get to interact with people outside their regular circle, which helps develop social skills. It's also a great opportunity for teachers and students to develop connections outside of a classroom. As well students get to be active for a whole day! Some of our students really look forward to this trip because they get to spend a day at the ski hill with friends, but also because they would not have the opportunity to go skiing otherwise.”

“The ski trip at Buck Mountain Central School is one of the best things every year. It
happens to be my favorite because skiing is my favourite winter activity and I always look
forward to it because then you get to go skiing with friends .” Quinn Woods, grade 10 student.

We are fortunate to offer this experience to our students and have been able to do so for over 15 years. We hope it continues to be a tradition at our school for many years to come!

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