Buck Mountain Awarded - Ski At School Grant

WRPS is thrilled to announce that Buck Mountain Central School was one of three schools nationwide recently awarded the AltaGas Ski-at-School grant for $6000, chosen by Cross Country Canada.

The main driver behind the Ski-at-School program is to allow students to experience the sport of cross-country skiing, because it is a life sport. Cross-country skiing can be enjoyed at many levels of skill and it involves all major muscle groups, balance, endurance and strength.

Soon after Buck Mountain Central School was selected as one of the grant recipients, Physical Education Teacher, Tim Stewart, immediately reached out to our community members for additional funding to match the grant, motivated by providing students and community members the opportunity to experience cross-country skiing at our rural school.  

With the funds from the AltaGas Ski-at-School Grant we were able to absorb the cost of 16 cross-country ski kits.  A ski kit has the cost of $365.00 per unit, which includes one set of cross-country skis, poles, bindings and boots. With this great opportunity also comes a financial cost therefore securing additional funds was required.  Our long term, three year goal is to have 50 ski kits and the ability to suit up every class in the school independently.

We are extremely grateful for the generous financial support that we have received for this initiative. We would like to extend a special thank you to the Buck Lake Agricultural Society, Alder Flats Agricultural Society, Alder Flats Fitness Centre, Buck Mountain Central School Parent Advisory Committee and the Wetaskiwin Regional School Division School Board.

From Buck Mountain Central School, we would also like to extend our gratitude to Danny and Dorothy Willows as they are huge supporters of the cross-country ski grant and have allowed us to use their land for additional cross-country skiing ground, as well as will be taking on the responsibility of building and maintaining trails

Although the cold weather put a major delay in our plans to kick start the cross-country program at Buck Mountain Central School they are excited to get started with onset of warmer weather.

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