Board Meeting Highlights November 10, 2015

Jennifer Day Division 3 Trustee Takes Oath of Office
It is official, Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools has a new Trustee representing Division 3.  Jennifer Day was elected on the November 2, 2015 by-election in division 3.  Jennifer Day received 57 votes, Paula Lamoureux received 32 and Ray Unger received 27.  Day will fill the division 3 trustee seat left vacant since September, when board chair Deanna Specht resigned.  Trustees are required to take an “oath of office” and Sherri Senger, Associate Superintendent Business, administered the Oath of Office to Trustee Day at the November 10, 2015 Regular Board Meeting.    

SCHEP to Celebrate 20 Year Partnership with Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools
In the 2015 - 2016 school year, the School Community Health Education Partnership (SCHEP) will mark 20 years of collaboration between Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools and Alberta Health Services to promote student health and wellness.  Working in the Comprehensive School Health model, strong partnerships are foundational and SCHEP boasts one of the longest standing histories of partnership in the province.  The SCHEP committee, in conjunction with the Board, will be hosting a celebration to mark the 20 year anniversary.

Board Development - Impacts of Residential Schools in Alberta
The Board decided to pursue a Board Development session to enhance their knowledge on understanding the intergenerational impacts of residential schools as well as the influences of missionary and religious institutions on First Nations, Metis and Inuit people.  They hope to increase their understanding of the historical events impacting First Nations, Metis and Inuit people in Canada and how the events impact both engagement and achievement for some students in school today.  

Student Engagement Communication Goal
The Board of Trustees discussed Goal 5 of the WRPS Communications Plan which recognizes both community and student engagement.  The Board feels it will be important to add student consultation to this goal as they deserve to have a voice along with the parents, staff and community.  The purpose of this type of consultation would be to gather input on educational topics and hold consultation sessions as a method to build stronger relationships that would allow students to share ideas and concerns about their education openly and honestly.   The timeline, type of consultation and questions will be determined by the Board at a later date.

June 2015 Diploma Examination Analysis
Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools continues to achieve strong diploma examination results over time.  The Board reviewed the data which included the five year average compared to the provincial averages.

New Sweden Mission Church Request
The New Sweden Mission Church has been granted permission to work with the Director of Plant Facilities to dismantle the Rosebrier School Skating rink and utilize any usable components to upgrade the Mission Church Community hockey rink.

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