Board Meeting Highlights May 14, 2019

Acquisition of Locally Developed Courses (LDC’s)

Locally Developed Courses are developed, acquired and authorized by school authorities to provide students with learning opportunities that complement provincial programs of study. Ministry-approved senior high school LDCs are authorized by Alberta Education for a maximum duration of four years. If a developing Board continues offering an LDC, the LDC will need to be resubmitted for ministry approval based on current LDC requirements. School divisions also need to reacquire any Locally Developed Courses that have expired.

The Board previously approved the acquisition of the following LDCs: Learning Strategies, Film & Media Art, Abnormal Psychology, Yoga, Instrumental Jazz, Reading, Vocal Jazz, Understanding Video Games, and Forensic Studies, all of which continue to be used by our high schools.  

WRPS has been granted permission to acquire courses from the school divisions who developed the courses. The Board authorized the acquisition of the following Locally Developed Courses:

Popular Culture 25-35 (3 or 5 credits) from Parkland School Division
Musical Theatre 15-25-35 (3 or 5 credits) from Calgary School District No. 19

On February 28, 2019, a public forum was held with parents from École Queen Elizabeth Year Round Education Program to discuss the following questions.


Administrative Review of Year Round Programming

How is the year-round program benefiting your children?
What would you change about the year-round program?
How would you feel if we offered the same programming on a regular school year calendar?

Subsequently an online survey was developed and 35 people participated in the ThoughtExchange survey. 
This survey generated 53 thoughts and 768 ratings On April 15, 2019, a follow-up meeting was held with parents to review the ThoughtExchange findings which were reported to the Board. Recommendations from the consultations is that school administrators work closely with parents in 2019-2020 to develop strategies that validate year round education and that it will be reviewed again in March of 2020

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