Board Meeting Highlights March 31, 2015

Edwin Parr Nominee
Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools is pleased to announce that Ms. Caitlin Klinger, Grade 3 teacher at École Parkdale school has been chosen to represent WRPS at the May 25, 2015 Edwin Parr Awards in Lacombe. The Edwin Parr Award recognizes first year teachers that demonstrate exemplary dedication and commitment in the field of Education.

High School Redesign Pilot Calendar
Pigeon Lake Regional School and Buck Mountain Central School will be operating under a pilot school calendar based on their High School Redesign projects for 2015-2016. The new calendar will allow the two schools six additional non-instructional days to explore benefits of collaboration built within the school year calendar to meet the needs of the High School Redesign Project.

English Language Arts and Math Outcomes Project
This year Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools initiated a project to prioritize outcomes in English Language Arts and Math.  It was based on elements of RTI (Response to Intervention). Teachers have been working collaboratively on understanding how students demonstrate their learning, how to assess individual teacher effectiveness on the basis of the evidence of student learning and how to implement practices that invite “student voice”. 

Education Service Agreement
Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools entered into an Education Services Agreement with Nipisihkopahk Education Authority and the Miyo Wahkohtowin Education Authority which states that WRPS will make application to Albert Education for funding for students who reside in WRPS jurisdiction but attend one of the Education Authority Schools.  An application for funding for the 2014-2015 school year was submitted to Alberta Education and WRPS received and has forwarded funding in the following amounts to the Education Authorities. 

Nipisihkopahk Education Authority $279,600
Miyo Wahkohtowin Education Authority $58,418

Support Staff Compensation
Support Staff compensation has been approved by the Board.  As such the Board approved a 3% salary increase for support staff effective September 1, 2015 additional benefits include an increase in the Health Spending Account to $650, and one additional personal day.  

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