Board Meeting Highlights March 10, 2015

School Generated Fund Plan
In an effort to be transparent with School Generated Funds a spreadsheet has been developed that will be used by principals, in consultation with school councils to develop a School Generated Funds Plan.  Each School will have to complete their plan by October 31st of each year and post the plan on the school website no later than November 1st.  In addition monthly School Generated Fund summary reports will be generated and posted on the school website to ensure the public has access to the information.

Board Strategic Direction
The Board adopted a new foundational statement; “Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools delivers quality education in a welcoming environment that is safe and caring.” In addition to the development of a new foundational statement the Board also adopted new value statements and goals. 

Value Statements
WRPS meets the needs of all students
We ensure a welcoming environment that is safe and caring
We respect diversity
We value teamwork and collaboration
We expect honesty and integrity
We value innovation and creativity through risk-taking and discovery
We are transparent and accountable

The development of the following principles will direct the work of administration and assist the Board in creating a strategic direction.

  1. The Board’s preference is to keep schools open; however, the Board will consider grade reconfiguration that achieves efficiencies.
  2. The Board’s preference is to maintain current programs; however, the Board will consider alternatives that achieve efficiencies.
  3. The Board’s preference is for staffing efficiencies that benefit students and achieve excellence in learning.

Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools Financial Profile
Alberta Education prepares a financial profile based on financial information reported on the audited financial statements of each school jurisdiction, and compares specific financial indicators of school jurisdictions of similar size. The Board reviewed a five year comparison which included a legend that reflects those jurisdictions of a similar size. 

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