BMC Participates in Moose Hide Campaign Walk

On May 11, BMC participated in its first ever Moose Hide Campaign Walk. Although the event is in its 11th year, it was new to our community. To raise awareness about domestic violence against women and children, the Moose Hide Campaign encourages people to participate in a walk and take a pledge. BMC staff and students participated in learning activities led by our Indigenous Support Worker, Mr. Wayne Caron, an awareness walk to Buck Lake, and an offering ceremony to the lake in honour of the victims and survivors of domestic violence. Anyone who wished to was encouraged to make an individual pledge to stand against all areas of domestic violence and abuse.

The event was an extraordinary success, and it saw many students who usually ‘fly under the radar’ become leaders and vocal advocates. Whether through drumming, marching, smudging, or making posters, all students had a chance to participate and learn the value of citizenship. We are extremely proud of our school and community for rising to support the Moose Hide Campaign and are planning to continue our participation next year. 

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