BMC Parent Advisory Celebrates 2021 Graduates

Buck Mountain Central School staff is working hard to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of this year’s graduating class, despite challenges due to provincial public health restrictions.  

Due to the unique circumstances of this year’s graduation, the BMC Parent Advisory Committee had a desire to acknowledge and celebrate the graduates on behalf of the parents of Buck Mountain Central School. The committee used fundraised dollars to purchase each graduate a unique gift basket.  The items were a nod to each graduate entering the world of independent adulthood and were titled “Student Survival Packages” as students navigate the final term of grade 12. 

Graduates were surprised and elated by the thoughtful, considerate gifts.  Although this year’s graduation will not be like any other, acknowledgements like this will serve as great memories when they look back at this school year.  

Grade 12 is an exciting and pivotal year for our students, and one of the highlights of the year is the graduation celebration.  Our Grade 12s look forward to it all year, and as educators, it gives us such great pride to celebrate this accomplishment with our students.  As we have moved into the spring and followed the updates to guidelines regarding graduation ceremonies in Alberta, BMC is planning a graduation event that honors our graduates and still involves our families to the degree that we are able.  

Congratulations to all 2021 WRPS Graduates!

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