Archery at Alder Flats School

Several years ago Bowbenders donated archery equipment through the NASP program to the Alder Flats School.  

Alder Flats School was excited to run the program in our upper elementary physical education classes throughout the month of November. The students really enjoyed the opportunity to learn the skill of using a Genesis bow and arrow. They focused on control, accuracy, concentration and sportsmanship skills.

Additionally and in partnership with Buck Mountain Central School we ran an after school program. The after school Archery program ran from January 15th to March 12th. Thank you to the trained volunteers, Mrs. Leeder who teaches at Alder Flats, Mr. Adam Schwengler, our community member, and Mrs.Klatt who teaches at Buck Mountain Central School. Their suppor is making this program successful at Alder Flats school and for the community.   The extra equipment BMC was able to share with us was much appreciated and allowed us to accommodate the extra students.

We have 30 students who will have the opportunity to attend the NASP archery provincials at the Sportsman Show in Edmonton.

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