Alders Flats Students Take Part in an Equine Empowerment Program

This program is run by Shannon Davie, a former Alder Flats teacher and Edwin Parr recipient in 2003. Thank you SD Equine Empowerment Inc!! Also a huge thank you to the County of Wetaskiwin FCSS  for funding this program. We could not have made this happen without you!!

What did our students experience?

Equine Empowerment gives individuals the opportunity to be a leader and expert, creating the self-esteem needed for foundational change. Partnering students with these amazing animals creates a dynamic that will, root change, promote healing and build confidence in the learner. The goal is to broaden the outlook of students by making a connection through empathy and enabling successful transformation of behavior patterns.

What did our students say about their experience?

- "My horse taught me to have leadership shoulders, that is when you are a leader. Talk and Tone is when you will say "Does that work for you?"
- “I love the horses, they are so cute and so nice and they were listening and I love them so much and when I walk they walk with you." 
- “My horse taught me that I have the choice to get upset. I respect the horses I trust the Students.
- “Today I learned to stay calm. Push me pull you means to work together."
- “I like the horse and the horse was cute and we did teamwork and they were nice. if you were nice to them they will be nice to you." 
- “My horse taught me communication because if I don’t communicate I’d be mad and sad."
- “My horse taught me that you need to be responsible even when you are mad. I will motivate myself to use music or art or candies and use it when I am mad."
- “My horse taught me to go with my gut and trust animals more and get there. And try to become more connected."
- ”The horses were pretty and beautiful. I pick listening because it is really good to listen for the rules."
- “I learned that you don’t judge somebody without getting to know them and that you don’t judge a book by it’s cover."
- “Today my horse taught me to respect people and they will respect you and treat people the way you want to be treated."
- “My horse taught me to respect them and others and respect my team."

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