Alder Flats School Stands Up to Take Notice

On October 3rd Alder Flats Elementary School began the implementation of the Olweus Program to improve school climate, show respect and stop bullying.  The "kick off" started with musical performance by HOJA as well, everyone was given an "I am respectful" bracelet.  Not only did the students and staff attend, but the community was invited as well.  HOJA entertained with their comical renditions of some of our favorite songs.  They also shared their own personal experiences on how it feels to be bullied and what to do when one is bullied.

The Olweus Program will help the school improve peer relations, make the school safer and a more positive place for students to learn and develop. The goals of the program include reducing existing bullying problems among students, preventing the development of new bullying problems and achieving better peer relations at school by showing respect for others.  This program embraces the concepts that "it takes a community to raise a child" and encourages the community to be involved.  The County Of Wetaskiwin has provided a grant to help initiate the program, as well, the Parent Council is committed to providing additional financial support.

Classes will have weekly meetings where students are able to discuss concerns and listen to how others feel. 

It all starts with understanding others and what we can do to help others to feel safe!

By having these conversations with each other, Alder Flats students will have the confidence to show respect for themselves and those around them. Students will take surveys each year to help us monitor our progress.  Staff and a group of parents have been trained and will continue to learn more to be able to assist the children. Everyone, adults included, needs to show the respect and be responsible to listen to what others have to say. No one deserves to be bullied. 

Bystanders will be encouraged to stand up and bullies will take notice.

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