Active Living at Winfield School

Winfield Students Skating

Winfield School has taken an active approach to ensuring their students realize the importance of active living.  During the winter months when it is not always easy to ensure daily activity is happening the Winfield students enjoy the playground that has great equipment and many piles of snow for vigorous activity.  

The ECS through Grade 6 students participate in multiple skating sessions during their Physical Education classes.  A fun bowling trip is planned for the students from ECS to Grade 3 and the Grade 4 through Grade 6 annually visit Rabbit Hill for skiing and snowboarding.

With the amount of snow this year students participate in snowshoeing, and on February 21, 2014 the school staff is organizing an afternoon of winter activity to celebrate the Olympic Games. 

School Council organized a free community Family Day event this week with pancake breakfast, skating, outdoor games, wiener roast, and wagon rides.

Grade 6 student Mackenzie Dooper stated: “Everyone enjoys these activities, and they are something everyone can participate in. It is great that the school and School Council pay most of the costs associated with these winter activities. We love to ‘take a break’ and do activities outside and away from the school".

"By introducing students to a range of winter activity, and encouraging their participation, we hope that we are helping students make healthy lifestyle choices that they will retain into adulthood." stated Mr. Teplyske Winfield School Principal. 

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