A Journey of Learning at GSS

Throughout the 2018-19 year we worked on our new mission, vision and values to encompass our K-8 school for the community of Millet.

Our vision statement of “Together we embrace UNESCO values and learn in respectful, positive ways.” is a reflection of the work we do under our UNESCO flag that proudly flies outside of our school. 

During Term 1 of this school year we asked our students to describe what the values of responsibility, respect, reason, honesty and integrity mean to them.  In the words of our students:

I am being respectful waiting my turn.

Being fair in gym and other games.

Say please and thank you.

Help someone when they are hurt.

Follow instructions.

Put things where they belong.

At centers we all help to clean up.

When someone is talking to other people, you don’t talk over them.

When you mean your words and do what you say.

Each day we see these values being put into action at Griffiths-Scott School as we all make our way together through our Journey of Learning! 


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