In the spring of 2017, Principals informed the Board that schools do not have sufficient time to advance impactful practices that improve student learning. This work is being guided by Response to Intervention (RTI) and Professional Learning Community (PLC) frameworks. The Board consented and Principals initiated discussions to develop this focus.

Principals report there is general consensus amongst staff and parents that changes are needed to the school calendar. Principals also drew from the experience gained at Buck Mountain Central School (BMCS) and Pigeon Lake Regional School (PLRS). Beginning in 2014-2015, following approval of the Regular School Year Calendar, the Board approved a redesign calendar for BMCS and PLRS.  The high schools were driven by the RTI and PLC frameworks to support the development and implementation of high school completion strategies.  The redesign calendar maintains the number of instructional hours for students, with fewer instructional days and more staff only days.  In each of the subsequent years these schools reported desirable changes.

At the April 10, 2018 Regular Board Meeting trustees were provided an update on the impact of high school redesign and the use of job embedded collaboration days at BMCS and PLRS.  The Board re-approved the redesign calendar for high schools.  The Board also resolved that the redesign calendar be adopted to improve student learning in all schools with additional job embedded collaboration days. Principals will undertake the necessary actions to support implementation and provide assurance that the redesign calendar advances impactful practices that improve student learning.

Approved 2018-2019 School Year Calendars

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