Pipestone School

Grades: Kindergarten - Grade 6
265054 TWP RD. 472A
Millet, Alberta T0C 1Z0
Phone: 780.387.4395
Principal: Mr. Kevin Gibson


Pipestone School is located approximately 30 km west and 10 km north of Wetaskiwin.  Families located in Mulhurst Bay, Pipestone, west of QEII along secondary highway 616, and the north of Falun area are served by Pipestone School.   95% of students are bussed to school.  Located in an agricultural setting, many parents make their living farming or through self-employment. A number of parents work right in the Pigeon Lake area.  Some travel to Wetaskiwin, Nisku & Edmonton for employment.

Once students have completed Grade 6 at Pipestone, bussing is provided to Pigeon Lake Regional School for Grades 7 to 12.

 Wetaskiwin Regional Schools have a set of procedures that are followed if there is risk or threat behavior from and individual or group so students.  Please see our FAIR NOTICE letter to learn more about these procedures and why we have them.  

School bell times:

8:23 - Buses arrive/entry for students

8:30 - O Canada/Lord's Prayer

10:00 - Recess

11:40 - Lunch

11:55 - Lunch recess

12:25 - Afternoon classes

1:55 Afternoon recess

3:35 Dismissal

3:40 Buses depart