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AP 135, 136, 137 & 502 Under Review

The new / amended Administrative Procedure is submitted for your review and feedback:

  • AP 135: Emergency Communication Plan
  • AP 136: Emergency Drill
  • AP 137: Emergency Response Planning
  • AP 502: Grants

WRPS is working with Hour-Zero Crisis Consulting to enhance the Division’s school emergency program.  As such, APs 135, 136 and 137 are being introduced.  If the Leadership Team approves these APs then the current AP 170 Crisis Communication and AP 311: Emergency Preparedness will be deleted.

You will note that on AP 136: Emergency Drill Procedure 6 is highlighted.  By legislation schools are already required to complete six (6) fire drills.  My concern is that requiring schools to also complete 2 lockdown drills will have a negative impact on instructional time.

In the 2018-19 school year Business Services saw an increase in grant applications at the site level.  Several of the grants had financial implications which affected other departments such as IT and Facilities, as well as additional financial reporting and tracking.  Going forward into this school year we would like to implement a process for requesting approval before applying for grants to ensure that we have the resources available to meet the conditions of any approved grants.  AP 502: Grants is being introduced.

Please provide Dr. Terry Pearson, Superintendent of Schools with any feedback on the contents of the Administrative Procedures by November 29, 2019.  terry.pearson@wrps11.ca

AP 135 Emergency Communication Plan
AP 136 Emergency Drill
AP 137 Emergency Response Planning
AP 502 Grants

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