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School Re-Entry Plan for September 2020

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In a letter to parents dated May 13, 2020, Dr. Terry Pearson indicated that the Division and schools were developing their 2020-2021 School Re-Entry Plans. Last week, the Minister of Education released the Government’s 2020-2021 School Re-entry Plan. We are now in the process of revising both the Division and school re-entry plans.

The documents we are developing must continue to plan for the three scenarios that
could exist when the 2020—2021 school year begins for WRPS students on September
2, 2020. Those scenarios specified by the Government are:

1. Scenario 1: In-school classes resume (near normal with health measures)
2. Scenario 2: In-school classes partially resume (with additional health measures)
3. Scenario 3: At-home learning continues (in-school classes are suspended/cancelled)

The Government stated that it will make its final decision by August 1, 2020 on which scenario will be in place at the beginning of the school year. As such, we will continue to plan for all three scenarios and wait for the Government to make that final decision.

It is imperative that the Division plan and prepare for all three scenarios as at any time the COVID-19 pandemic may change and we may be required to transition from one scenario to another with short notice.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as staff work to finalize Division and school-specific re-entry plans. Unfortunately, we cannot finalize these until August 1, 2020 but the Government’s plan provides you with the details that must be included on our plans.

Full letter from Dr. Terry Pearson, Superintendent


Links to Alberta Education's School Re-Entry Plan documents:

Alberta Education's 2020-2021 School Re-Entry Plan

Guidance for School Re-Entry - Scenario 1 (in-school classes resume with near-normal health measures)

Guidance for School Re-Entry - Scenario 2 (in-school classes partially resume with additional health measures)

Guidance for School Re-Entry - Scenario 3 (stay at home learning continues)

We look forward to and continue to prepare for the return of students in the 2020-21 school year! We will continue to share information as it becomes available.

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